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K&W Laboratories is a private commercial laboratory operating since 1997 in the Charlotte/Midland and surrounding areas. We are an environmental lab specializing in drinking water, wastewater, and surface water analysis. 


Our primary goal is to bring quality service and results to our customers. 

We pride ourselves in standing out for our service - We make the time to speak with our clients and know what is important to them so that we are able to better serve them.  

We strive to ensure accurate, dependable, and timely results for all of your testing needs. We are certified by NCDENR/EPA in North Carolina and SCDHEC/EPA in South Carolina.

Our team is made up of chemists with over 40 years of experience. Our field Technicians have 20+years of experience. 

All of our employees are committed to helping and serving our customers. We believe in working together to help individuals achieve their testing needs.


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