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K&W Laboratories is certified in North and South Carolina for Total Coliform/E. Coli and Total Residual. We have worked for many years with grading and construction companies in order to collect and analyze water samples for their building sites so that they can be approved by the engineers. 

We are able to quickly schedule the field technicians because we know that time is important in the process to get approved. 


In South Carolina two sets of samples must be collected at least 24 hours apart. The Total Residual Chlorine must be analyzed within 15minutes of collection.

Our technicians are ready to collect samples after the lines have been disinfected and flushed. Always check with the reporting authority if there are regulations for the Total Residual Chlorine. It is common that the Total Residual must be close to or below 2mg/l. 

We notify our customers right away if there are any problems so that they can start working on taking corrective action without any delay. 

Please contact our laboratory with any questions or to schedule sampling. 

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