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Home Inspectors

We specialize in water sampling for home inspectors and ensure quick and accurate results. We understand that home inspectors are providing services for home closings that are on tight deadlines. 


The most common water tests completed for a home inspection is the Total Coliform/E. Coli bacteriological test. The turnaround on Total Coliform/E Coli is 18-28 hours. The analytical results for this test are reported in a simple Present (Bacteria is there) or

Absent (Bacteria is not there). 


The second most common test package is:  Total Coliform/E.Coli, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Lead parameters. This turnaround time for these parameters is one week. These sample can be rushed when needed. 

Our reports will have the results and EPA Maximum Limits for any quantitative parameters for easy comparison and interpretation for homeowners and real estate agents. 

It is always good to double check with the real estate agent/client what type of loan they are using and which tests are needed. 

There are many more additional parameters that home inspectors can add on to their package when completing their home inspection. For example, Arsenic, Copper, Hardness, pH, ect. Feel free to contact us to discuss any testing options that are available or of interest to customers. 

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