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Private Companies may have water testing needs for various reasons. If they discharge waste into a stream, have retention ponds, have run off from their building, or just need their drinking water tested. We can help service any of these needs.

Waster Water Discharge:

We service many industrial plants and manufacturers that create their own waste water from their internal process. This waste is many times disposed of into bodies of water and therefore have to be tested. Cities and counties assign permits with allowable limits. We help test this water to ensure that the plant is within limits. 

Stormwater Run off:

Plants that manufacturer items on the building site, many times need to collect run off water during storm events to ensure that they are not contaminating the surrounding water sources. Our field technicians quickly come out during a storm event and analyze the water on site and collect water for further testing. We also provide sample pick up to sites that do not need a technician to collect samples. 

Drinking Water Testing:

Many companies test their drinking water as to ensure that they are providing potable water to their employees. Most commonly on a yearly basis a field technicians comes out to the workplace and collect a Total Coliform/Ecoli sample. 

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