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Public Water Supply Facilities

K&W Laboratories helps service all types of facilities that are governed by the Public Water Supply Section.  Whether your facility is a Daycare, Restaurants, Mobil Home Park, Motels, or Church, If you provide water to the public using a well, your facility is required to complete water analysis. 

K&W Laboratories has several options to complete this testing:

Bringing in Samples: Samples can be brought to our Laboratory for analysis. We provide the appropriate bottles with instructions and paperwork. Once we receive that samples, we analyze the sample and report it to the state. 

Sample pick up:  A dedicated person collects the sample, and our technician picks up the samples. We analyze the sample and report the results to the state. Paperwork and containers are replaced each time of pick up. 

Sample collection: A field technician schedules a time to come to the facility to collect the water sample, brings it back for analysis and we report the results to the state. 

Most common Tests

Total Coliform/E. Coli:

Tested on a quarterly or monthly basis.


Tested annually

Other Testing

Total Residual Chlorine

Lead and Copper


Volatile Compounds

Synthetic Organic Compounds



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